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A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart


Thursday 20th April at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £3

Fast becoming the first book ‘everyone is talking about’ this year, A Boy Made of Blocks is a tear-jerking, hilarious and most of all true-to-life novel about the power of difference and one very special little boy. The book is described as perfect for fans of The Rosie Project, David Nicholls’ Us and Nick Hornby’s About a Boy.

For all he loves his family, Alex has always struggled to connect with his eight-year-old autistic son Sam, and the strain has pushed his marriage with Jody to breaking point. So Alex moves in with his merrily irresponsible best friend on the world’s most uncomfortable blow-up bed, wondering if they will find a school in which Sam can be happy and what he has to do to win back Jody.

As Alex navigates single life, long-buried family secrets and part-time fatherhood, his son begins playing Minecraft. Sam’s imagination blossoms and the game opens up a whole new world for the two to share. Together, one family discovers that sometimes life must fall apart before you can build a better one.

Keith Stuart is games editor at the Guardian. He started out as writer and features editor on the highly influential magazine Edge before going freelance in 2000 to cover games culture for publications such as The Official PlayStation Magazine, PC Gamer and T3, as well as investigating digital and interactive art for Frieze. He also writes about music, film and media for the Guardian and is a regular on the Tech Weekly podcast.