Queen Victoria: Daughter, Wife, Mother, Widow by Lucy Worsley

‘Such a brilliant idea! Drilling down into Victoria’s diaries Worsley gives us Victoria in all her infinite variety – queen and mother, matriarch and minx…I loved it.’ Daisy Goodwin, author, and creator of ITV’s Victoria ‘The glory of this book is in the details, and the specific moments, that Worsley chooses to single out for mention, and in her cheerful voice as she leads us by the hand to the next window of Victoria’s life calendar. As well as a Queen, Victoria was a daughter, a wife, a mother and a widow, and at each of these steps along life’s journey she was expected to conform to what society demanded of a woman. On the face of it, she was deeply conservative. But if you look at her actions rather than her words, she was in fact tearing up the rule book for how to be female. 

(Description Courtesy of Hodder and Stoughton General Division)