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What Goes Around by Emily Chappell

Wednesday 17th February at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £3

For all who love to cycle, this is a book about discovery and belonging, connection and memory, choosing life’s uncharted course and the delicious sensation of just riding. Listen here for a taste of Emily’s story.

Emily Chappell never meant to be a cycle courier. She planned to earn her living using her mind rather than her legs. She thought it’d be a useful stopgap while searching for a ‘real’ job. Today, six years on, she’s still pedalling. ‘It’s my most enduring love affair; the career that’s shaped my life, made me what I am, and entirely derailed any hope of a normal existence.’ Read more

The Forgotten Summer by Carol Drinkwater

Tuesday 1st March at 7pm, Phoenix Theatre, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £5

Actress and bestselling author Carol Drinkwater will be talking about her new novel, The Forgotten Summer, an atmospheric tale of secrets, forbidden passion and heartbreak. Read the first chapter here.

Carol is probably best known for her role as Helen Herriot in the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small. Also an accomplished writer, she has achieved bestselling status with her novels and her much-loved memoirs of life on an olive farm in Provence.  Read more

Coastlines by Patrick Barkham

Wednesday 2nd March at 7pm, Phoenix Theatre, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £5

Please note we have moved this event from the shop to the theatre. Original tickets still valid.

One of our favourite authors, Patrick Barkham will return to Ross this time to talk about his book Coastlines.  Told through a series of walks beside the sea, this is a story of the most beautiful 742 miles of coastline in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: their rocks, plants and animals, their views, walks and history, and the people who have made their lives within sight of the waves.

‘The power of Patrick Barkham’s Coastlines, comes not from personal history but from his thoughtful voice, combined with a magpie ability to pick out a landscape’s most interesting morsels. A fascinating read’ — Tom Cox, Observer Read more

Can I Carry Your Bags by Martin Johnson

Tuesday 15th March at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £3

An irreverent, witty memoir from one of the most renowned sports journalists in the business.

In nearly 25 years as a sports journalist for the Independent, Daily Telegraph, and Sunday Times, Martin Johnson has covered events all over the world, including cricket and tennis in Australia, golf in America, Formula One in Kuala Lumpur, boxing in Cairo, petanque in Gran Canaria, beach volleyball in Brazil, Olympics in Sydney, football in China, and rugby in South Africa. Sounds like a nice job? You must be joking.

Read more

An Atlas of Countries That Don’t Exist by Nick Middleton

Monday 21st March at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £3

Join us for an evening with award-winning geographer, writer, TV presenter, environmental scientist and university lecturer Nick Middleton as he gives an illustrated talk taking us on a magical tour of countries that don’t exist; an eye-opening tour of a hidden world: wannabe and might-have-been countries that, lacking diplomatic recognition or UN membership, inhabit a realm of shifting borders, idealistic leaders and forgotten peoples. Nick’s curiosity about how planet Earth works and how people interact with it was fuelled from an early age by his family’s world atlas, Herge’s Adventures of Tintin and an endless flow of Willard Price novels. Read more

Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

Monday 25th April at 7pm, Phoenix Theatre, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £5

Bestselling author Chris Cleave will visit us to talk about and read from his latest novel, Everyone Brave is Forgiven.

In a powerful combination of both humour and heartbreak, this dazzling novel weaves little-known history, and a perfect love story, through the vast sweep of the Second World War – daring us to understand that, against the great theatre of world events, it is the intimate losses, the small battles, the daily human triumphs, that change us most. Read more

An Evening with Chris Packham

Friday 6th May at 7pm, Savoy Theatre, Monmouth – Ticket available soon

Save the date!

TV presenter, photographer and conservationist Chris Packham will talk about his life as revealed in his newly published autobiography, Fingers in The Sparkle Jar – a shimmering memoir, unconventional and uncompromising, which brings to life his childhood in the 70s, from his bedroom bursting with fox skulls, birds’ eggs and sweaty jam jars, to his feral adventures.  Read more

The Lost Tudor Princess by Alison Weir

Wednesday 1st June at 7pm, Monmouth Priory, Ticket £5

Alison Weir returns to talk about her latest history book which brings Alison’s customary eye for detail, romance, scandal and intrigue. The Lost Tudor Princess tells the story of Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox, and gained this reaction from her editor: “What a story! What a life! I could hardly believe what I was reading: Margaret seemed to have been at the centre of a whole era of English history, and making the same foolish but very human mistakes again and again. And what a splendidly wicked villain the tale has in the shape of Thomas Bishop.” Read more