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My Family and Other Superheroes by Jonathan Edwards

Tuesday 3rd March at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Monmouth 


Join local poet, teacher and 2014 Costa Poetry Award winner, Jonathan Edwards for a reading and talk about his poetry collection My Family and Other Superheroes, described by the Costa Poetry Book Award Judges as “Joyful and dynamic – a collection that’ll make you laugh and make you think”.

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Engel’s England by Matthew Engel

Sorry, event cancelled

Arnold Drive by Hugh Cornwell

Wednesday 11th March at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £3

We are delighted to welcome back Hugh Cornwell. As well as being the frontman of The Stranglers and enjoying a solo music career, Hugh is also an accomplished novelist. He will talk about his second book Arnold Drive,  the story of a man’s journey from innocence to experience where he discovers his moral compass isn’t always pointing the right way.

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Hippy Dinners by Abbie Ross

Thursday 19th March at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Monmouth – Ticket £3

Abbie Ross will talk about her acclaimed memoir, Hippy Dinners, the story of a childhood ‘living the dream’ in 1970s Wales. Brilliantly evoking a particular time and place, Abbie’s memoir re-creates a world of dens and pineapple chunks, of John Craven’s Newsround and fishing for sticklebacks – and the joy but also the burning powerlessness of being a child.  Read more

The Shut Eye by Belinda Bauer

Wednesday 25th March at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £3

Join CWA Gold Dagger winner Belinda Bauer for an evening talk about her new book The Shut Eye. Five footprints are the only sign that Daniel Buck was ever here. And now they are all his mother has left. Read more

The Garden Forager by Adele Nozedar

Tuesday 31st March at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £3

We are delighted to welcome back foraging expert Adele Nozedar who will talk about foraging in our gardens and showcase her beautifully illustrated new book which redefines how we look at our gardens and unleashes the unknown potential of everyday plants – making it a must-have for anyone interested in gardening, cooking, or foraging.

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Risk Wise by Polly Morland

Thursday 9th April at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Monmouth – Ticket £3

We are delighted to welcome back Polly Morland who will talk about her new book, Risk Wise. Following the success of The Society of Timid Souls, Polly has written a thoughtful and thought-provoking book looking at the everyday world of risk and exploring what it means to be ‘risk wise’. Risk often gets a bad press. From the seemingly unnecessary actions of extreme sportspeople to the excessive risk appetites of serial entrepreneurs, the term ‘risky’ is often seen as synonymous with ‘reckless’, ‘foolhardy’ or even downright dangerous.But could any of us live in a world without risk, and would it be desirable to do so?

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A Song of Shadows by John Connolly

Saturday 11th April at 7pm, The Shire Hall, Monmouth – Ticket £5

We are delighted to be part of John Connolly’s latest book tour. John will be in conversation with Phil Rickman about his latest Charlie Parker novel, A Song of Shadows.

Desperately wounded, and tormented by dreams of a world beyond this one, private investigator Charlie Parker has retreated to the small Maine town of Boreas to recover his health. There he befriends a widow named Ruth Winter and her young daughter, Amanda. But Ruth, rather like Charlie, is avoiding the past.   Read more

The Girl in the Red Coat by Kate Hamer

Tuesday 21st April at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £3

Kate Hamer will read from and talk about her debut novel The Girl in the Red Coat – a stand-out debut thriller, the moving story of an abduction that will keep you guessing until the very last page. Like our event with Jessie Burton last year, this event is another opportunity to meet a new author at the start of what will surely be a fantastic career.  Read more

The Ship by Antonia Honeywell

Wednesday 29th April at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Monmouth – Ticket £3

The Ship is proving to be one of the most talked about novels of the year so far. It is described as The Hunger Games meets The Handmaid’s Tale; a dystopian epic about love, friendship and what it means to be free.

Welcome to London.  But not as you know it.

Oxford Street burned for three weeks. The British Museum is occupied by ragtag survivors. The Regent’s Park camps have been bombed. The Nazareth Act has come into force. If you can’t produce your identity card, you don’t exist.

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Writing Alternatively with Alison Morton and Liesel Schwartz

Thursday 14th May at 7pm, Rossiter Books, Ross-on-Wye – Ticket £3

“Writing Alternatively”
Steampunk author Liesel Schwarz and alternative history thriller writer Alison Morton will talk about world building, inspiration and connecting readers with strange environments.

If you are an aspiring author, or just love learning about how novelists set about their craft, come along to this evening talk about writing. Read more